A new take on suburban family life

There's a Better Way to Live

We’re building a new way to balance work, family, culture, and education.

We believe parents should be able to access affordable, innovative, top-drawer education for their children. We believe families should be able to share childcare burdens. We believe people should have access to the hiking trails and fresh air of rural life and the culture and innovation of urban life—all at the same time. We believe people should be able to own homes without sentencing their income and time to landscaping, lawn maintenance, and long drives to get anywhere.

We believe now is the perfect time to create a community that is thoughtfully designed for modern families and modern needs, and are creating the very first: Eureka.



First and foremost, this community is built around education: An innovative lab school and community-led shared childcare burdens. Just as other communities are built around golf courses, office complexes, hospitals, and universities, Project Eureka revolves around robust pre-K through 12th grade education.



A strong community brings together diverse, bright minds and gives them opportunities to mix and work together in a meaningful fashion. Project Eureka is designed to bring the innovation and cultural spark of urban life to a more bucolic setting.



Project Eureka brings an end to the tradeoff between suburban life and convenience, leveraging shuttle limos, shared cars, pop up shops, and pedestrian-first design to ensure residents don’t have to relinquish free time and easy access just to enjoy home ownership, green space, and affordable education.



As a pedestrian-first community, Project Eureka is designed to favor walking and biking. Over 50% of Project Eureka’s community is comprised of green space, including miles of trails. Emphasizing townhomes with communal green space over plots with yards, residents will be granted far more land for use and spared the hassle of lawn mowing and yard maintenance.


What sets Project Eureka apart from urban life, suburban life, and traditional planned communities?

An emphasis on education, unique governance, sustainability, walkability, clever use of space, ample green space, and meaningful exchange enables Project Eureka to offer the convenience of urban life to those who want access to affordable top-tier education, green space, and home ownership.


Project Eureka’s community design takes inspiration from medieval European market towns

Medieval Inspiration + Modern Practicality

Rethinking the suburbs from the ground up, Eureka takes inspiration from history to capture more sustainability, community, and convenience.
  • Why do houses have yards? To grow food for the family. 
  • Why do houses have lawns? To show how many serfs a lord had free to work on nonproductive land. 
  • Why do houses still have these features? Because we forgot to ask why we needed them in the first place.

Project Eureka takes inspiration in its layout from the medieval, pre-yard hamlet with winding rows of townhouses focused on centralized meeting places enveloped by green space and national parks.

By eliminating pervasive lots, fences, driveways, intersections, and lawns, we are able to foster community, minimize impact on the local environment, and bring a tightly-knit urban spark to a picturesque woodland setting. Vehicle access roads are hidden and limited—leading directly to the backs of homes and enabling the community’s primary pathways to be reserved for pedestrians and bicyclists only. Children can play safely and move from their homes to school and friends’ houses without crossing dangerous streets and languishing on hot pavement.

Luxury Townhomes


Project Eureka's luxury townhomes open out onto pedestrian and bike-only streets winding to the heart of the community and a beautiful network of trails. Vehicle access is artfully nestled at the back of the townhomes, with vehicle access roads limited and hidden from view.

Custom Homes


Project Eureka's stand-alone custom homes are made to order and dotted throughout the community with easy access to shared trails, green space, and amenities. Residents will enjoy the pleasure of designing and living in a the house of their dreams, nestled into private nooks, while nevertheless having access to a vibrant community, shared trails, and delightful amenities.

Family Flats


For those whose homes aren't yet ready—and for those who spend temporary sabbaticals with Project Eureka—family flats are available, offering short and longer-term leases. These flats are located at the heart of the community—right by the lab school and mixed used spaces—and mixed within the community's fellowship flats.


Highly qualified specialists + The Collinses
Malcolm Collins

Malcolm Collins

Founder & CEO

As a neuroscientist-turned-entrepreneur-and-investor, Malcolm works in VC, private equity, and business operations (collectively the companies he and Simone run have brought in over $70M in annual top-line revenue). Over the past ten years, Malcolm has extensively researched different approaches to education and childcare though heavy due diligence on private and public schools, EdTech companies, teaching platforms, behavioral health programs for teens, summer camps, and homeschool programs.

Malcolm founded and directs The Pragmatist Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to encouraging pragmatic approaches to life’s big challenges—all of which he personally likes to tackle arm-in-arm with his wife, Simone, who he met while getting his MBA at Stanford.

In his spare time Malcolm gardens and writes bestselling books on science and philosophy with his wife.

Simone Collins

Simone Collins

Founder & COO

Simone is a Cambridge-educated crumpet addict who joyfully attacks life with her husband, with whom she has worked on projects ranging from startups to private equity and non-profit operations. Before the pandemic hit, the couple switched continents every other month to manage a diverse array of teams and clients for a multi-national consolidator and agency, which exposed them to a vibrant rainbow of different lifestyles, cultures, and approaches to work and family life.

Before joining forces with Malcolm, Simone’s work revolved around community organization, curriculum development, and sustainability (developing content and curriculum for various environmental non-profits, executing player engagement features for an alternate reality game company, and leading a 20,000-strong online community).

In her spare time she bakes, watches historic dramas, and collates scientific studies looking for incongruences that she can turn into books with her husband.


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