The Visiting Fellows Program

As much as we would like to be able to keep our community rounded and diverse through membership interviews the reality is that some professions and perspectives will not be able to afford the community. To combat this we have planned for a visiting fellows program in which some of the smaller community units are reserved to be rented either for free or at a highly discounted rate.

Giving Back

Visiting fellows are required to materially contribute to the lives of the communities members either through teaching their skill at the school or giving community wide lectures.
Because they will live in the co-housing portion of the central community they will naturally be very accessible on a social level.

Profile of Visiting Fellow

We will aim for a diverse range of artists, political commentators, and scientists that could range from recent PhD grads to well known Youtubers.

Student Pick

The political bodies made of of the communities children will nominate and decide on who they bring in fora  potion of the units. This is both to help students learn to engage with people they see as potential mentors in the public eye and advance in fields they have a passion for.

Screening for Safety

Members brought in under the visiting fellows program will be as heavily vetted as any community member to ensure they add to the community without posing a safety risk to its children.