Meeting Room

No HOA, No PTA, No Community Politics (Among the adults)

Nothing is more dreaded than a bureaucracy of local busybodies. Democracy at the local level is great in theory until you have to live under its tyrannical, petty, and arbitrary rule. Sure, you might get lucky and live in an area with a good HOA, but that can change on a dime with a few new neighbors. Time spent politicking on a local level is time you could have spent making a difference on the national or world stage. 

Eureka is and will always be run by Simone and Malcolm Collins. All community rules are ultimately set—all disputes resolved—by them. While not perfect, this system allows you to vet the personalities of the people who will always be managing conflicts (or hiring those who will) before moving and removes the risk of a busybody gaining control of community governance.

No-Drama Policy

Eureka will be run with a strict no-drama policy, being loose in the enforcement of any rule not directly impacting the daily lives of other residents but strict on residents whose actions regularly emotionally tax their neighbors—all while looking for solutions that benefit everyone.
Essentially, the community’s rules will be based off the rule of thumb, “anything that would not actively negatively affect the quality of life of another reasonable town member should be permitted”. While always remembering the point of an inter community dispute should never be to win but to find the solution that best allows everyone to maximize their own stated objective functions. 

Creative Solutions Utilizing Shared Space

If someone practicing an instrument is disturbing neighbors, space will be made available for them in the school’s music room. If someone wants to plant things around their house but the space is meant to be community managed—well that’s fine. If someone wants to make a personal project out of building a shrine in the woods, why not if it is tastefully placed? If someone wants to have a big party to watch a sports game why not use the school theater if they have shown they clean up after themselves?
Having community space means it is there to be used by the community. 

A Powerful Student Government

While there will not be local politics for adults the impact student politicians will be able to have will be far out sized from running the P&L of the local cafe to voting on new community events. We do things this way both to help students resumes and because it gives further motivation to the adults in the community to both interacting with the kids, treat them with respect, and raise them well.

A Community that Can't be Sold

Anyone who has lived in a development or apartment complex after it was sold knows the feeling of stores closing, community events shutting down, and fountains turning off to increase margins. Eurkas real-estate company is contractually obligated to sell to its operating company if it can offer a far market price and the operating company is run by Malcolm & Simone who also will be living in the community.