The Suburbs VS. Your Life

The suburbs consume the short time you have on this earth and give you nothing but grass in return. We are redesigning the suburban experience to ensure that even if you do have to work in the city you will not loose your life to commute.

The Commute

The most dreaded trade-off of the suburbs. How many hours of your life and how many hundreds of dollars in gas will you burn commuting to work—even if you only enter the office a few days a week? Sitting in traffic robs us of our lives while isolating us and causing stress which shortens our lifespan.
Eureka offers a luxury community bus with wifi designed to facilitate community interaction that will ferry residents to their offices without eating into their daily productivity while giving them the opportunity to network, unwind, and befriend neighbors. The same shuttle will run grocery pickup routes outside commute times, allowing for a truly car-free suburban experience.
The shuttle is designed to allow both individuals to work on their way to the office and interact with other community members by including sections with seats facing each-other and other sections with curtains that are otherwise kept dark to help individuals get some shuteye on the way to and from work. 

Community Maintained Outdoors

If you haven’t owned your own house and land before, we cannot emphasize enough just how much time and money lawn and garden maintenance consumes. Renters in high rise city apartments can excitedly watch hail, be lulled into a deep sleep by the pitter patter of heavy rain, look forward to a heavy snow to play in, and sigh in relief after a tornado or derecho passes. After owning a house in the suburbs every one of these events feels like a punch in the gut (not to mention wallet).
Whether you are mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutter, repairing interior and exterior wear and tear, raking leaves, fixing sprinkler systems, treating trees for invasive pests, or fixing fences after a storm, the amount of your time owning a house in traditionally-structured suburbs will eat is almost-unimaginable to those who have not yet purchased a home.
We ameliorate this through shared outdoor space cared for by the community (a combination of paid staff and a community chit system allowing individuals to pay off a portion of their monthly dues through community labor projects). 

Bringing Amenities to You

Eureka is built with popup space that cycles through useful amenities like barbers and dentists lowering the need to visit the city frequently. We also host regular excuses to interact with other residents like movie nights that are chosen by town vote at the school theater (that will include movies and shorts made by students) and farmers markets that include food grown in the community gardens.

Community Centers

While suburbs feature community centers, they are often a drive away, making them pointless from the perspective of most residents who would use them (teens and kids). Even when used heavily, they don’t promote local interaction as much as they might. The heart of Eureka features a laboratory school, co-living community, and mixed used infrastructure. Whether you want to watch a movie on a large screen with neighbors or go to the local pub/cafe where local children regularly perform, you’ll find a community that is built from the ground up to naturally draw families together and more seamlessly integrate the social lives of children with those of their parents while also providing each with independence.