Child with Laptop
Mother and Daughter on Bench

It Takes a Village

Historically raising children was a community effort, we worked together with our neighbors to provide safe environments for our children to thrive. Eureka aims to bring back that feeling, the feeling.
From on call child support to utilizing the school as the central focus of the community we bring the focus of the wider community onto providing a rich and safe environment for our children.

On Call Childcare

Having kids in the suburbs sounds great when you only look at it from the perspective of space. What about when both parents need to go on a business trip? What if you want a night alone or to go on a date? What about single parents? What options are available to them?
Eureka has both on call childcare for younger children and an “adaptive boarding school” for older children when their parents are both indisposed. Granting both the children and the parents more freedom. 

Neighbors You Can Trust

Historically raising children was a community effort, now we are lucky if we even have a pod of four other parents we trust. What happened? We stopped trusting our neighbors.
Eureka vets all incoming families the way a boarding school vets incoming students to ensure we are creating a safe environment for our children from weeding out individuals with dangerous criminal histories and ideological extremists.

Addressing the Free Rider Problum

We utilize a nanny-co-op like app to allow community members to build points for taking on child care responsibilities for other members that can be exchanged to cut down monthly community dues or for childcare help from other members.
This lowers the probability of community members feeling like there are free riders.

Community Events Themed around the School

Imagine your local cafe decorated with art from the local school.
Imagine kids getting to try designing their own meals and seeing how the sell relative to each-other.
Imagine the entertainment at night be opportunities for school students to practice public speaking.
Eureka will engage the children with the town and vice versa.